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2011-01-09 02:05 pm

Don't Believe The Hype - Women in hip-hop videos

[Originally published earlier this year in Re/action magazine]

In a 1997 interview for British television, rapper Ma$e was asked by a female interviewer why his (and many other hip-hop artists') videos contained so much booty-wiggling. He replied in a lazy drawl: "Well if you don't like the song, then at least you've got something to look at." Read more... )
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2010-05-25 05:19 pm
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I'll be part of the awesome team of music writer superheroes liveblogging the first Eurovision semi-final tonight from 8pm at The Singles Jukebox. Come join us!

I've also cast my eye over some of the participant's promo videos at The Vids Are Alright - contains a) horses b) giant cardboard heads c) SWIMMING POOL.
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2010-03-11 09:30 pm

I'm kinda bizz-ay

Cor everything is a bit hectic at the moment. Yet I found the time to play Lady Gaga bingo!

Here is what I said about 'Telephone' on Singles Jukebox:

"Bad Romance" may have been an all-conquering stand-alone masterpiece, but at first "Telephone" really does sound like it was cobbled together for a bonus album at the last minute. The lyrics are shoe-horned into the delicate opening melody like a square peg in a dodecagonal hole, and there is no universe in which 'And-I can-not text-you with-a drink-in my-hand, eh' scans well, even over the most basic three-chord off-the-shelf progression. But the awkward, annoying delivery sticks - in fact, it's as awkward and annoying as someone ringing you up moaning about their FEELINGS when you're concentrating on the important business of i) recreating the dance routine to "Tragedy" with your chums ii) managing not to spill your pint over everyone.

The rest of the song is a jumble of brilliant choruses ('call when you want/cos there's no-one home/and you're not gonna reach my telephone') and rep-rep-rep-repeating syllables, which seems to be the closest thing Gaga has to a trademark sound. Most importantly, the guest spot proves key: Beyoncé rises to the bait and throws a massive strop at the caller (backed by her marching band) but Gaga keeps focused, no histrionics, not wanting to waste her time or energy on puny human emotion when there's drunken dancing to be had. Fire and Ice! Doing the Macarena together round their handbags! What better way to let off steam?

A selection of my recent Singles Jukebox reviews )
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2009-09-09 02:37 pm
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If You Cirque Amy

[Posted here instead of over on FT, as it's a bit out of date now - this was written in June.]

A 27-year-old mother-of-two is suspended in the air above a fiery chasm, kept only from plummeting to a grisly death by the grip of a muscle-bound man's thighs. Thunderous drumbeats ring out around the arena, where 20,000 people look on, all holding their breath...

Britney Spears at the O2. )
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2005-02-07 02:33 pm
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Girls don't rock like we do

The radio alarm switched on today, like it does every day, to the Today Programme. Yes, I like to wake up with cheery bright happy news about in which particular way we're going to die this week (bad hospitals, iraq, asylum seekers etc).

They generally have some light 'filler' around about 8.35 to bridge the crucial gap between cricket results and John Prescott. Today it was a piece about Girls Wot Play Guitars. Ready.... Wait for it..... RANT! )